Jul 16

“Disney Villains Designer Dolls” Collection Coming Soon

If you were one of the many Disney fans that took part in the frenzy last Fall to purchase one of the limited edition Disney Princess Designer Dolls, then get ready for round 2 as Disney prepares to unveil their newest collection, Disney Villains Designer Collection. When I first saw the Disney Princess Designer Dolls last year, I knew they were going to be a hot item. However, I don’t think anyone, including Disney, was prepared for the online frenzy that caused a great deal of frustration for guests with the release of those dolls. Hopefully, that was a learning experience for Disney and they will be far better prepared for this second release of collector dolls.

Ariel doll from Disney’s 2011 Princesses Designer Collection

I was lucky enough to purchase one of the Ariel dolls in last year’s designer doll collection, and looking back wish that I had purchased some of the others. While the dolls are priced higher than your average Barbie style doll, these dolls are definitely designed as a collectors item. They are beautifully designed and inspired by the iconic fashions of each character, with a much more glamorous look to each doll. Based on the release of photos of the new Villains Designer Doll collection, they have been designed with the same attention to detail and sophistication. The Princess collection released last year included a total of 10 dolls, each being available in limited quantities. This year’s Villains collection will include 6 of the most fashionably, famous “bad girls” of Disney, with only 13,000 of each doll available for purchase.

Cruella de Vil from Disney’s 101 Dalmations

Each doll has been designed with remarkable attention to detail, from the beautifully sequined costumes, elaborate makeup and hairstyles, each villains iconic accessories, to the detailed packaging and display case, these dolls will be highly sought after.

So here’s the details on how the dolls will be released:

Once again, beginning in September, one doll will be made available for purchase each Monday in the Disney stores, and then available for purchase online on Tuesday of the same week. And for those of you that wish to purchase the entire collection, mark your calendars for Monday, August 20, 2012, when the entire set will be available online for pre-order and then delivered to you after Monday, October 15, 2012.

In addition, there will be a variety of other items depicting drawings of the dolls, including beauty, apparel, stationery, and home items for purchase as well. To take a closer look at all of the dolls and some of the other items from the collection, visit this link to the Disney stores official blog:


So mark your calendars all you Disney Divas and start saving those pennies, because this is one collection you won’t want to miss!

The Queen of Hearts from Disney’s Alice in Wonderland


  1. Annette

    This is annoying, the store where I live doesn’t sell them on a first come first serve basis. They make everyone right thier name down and then draw from a hat? That’s not fair. I wake up early and get there early for what?

    1. rgragert

      I believe they are available online through the Disney Store.

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