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Disney “Traveling Around The World” – Magic Kingdom’s Adventureland Part 2 – The Jungle Cruise


Welcome back Disney “World” travelers! Today, we’ll continue our travel around the “World” as we pick up where we left off in Adventureland, on a magical cruise this time. So, ‘All Aboard!’ as we explore the one and only Disney Jungle Cruise!

As you board your 1930’s Tramp-Steamer, you will tour the world’s most exotic rivers in Asia, Africa, and South America. Along the way, you will pass Audio-Animatronics animals including the Bengal tiger, king cobras, elephants, lions, and hyenas in their native habitats. Whether they’re feasting on their prey, scaring trespassing humans, or splashing water, the animals will keep you on your toes.

Your skipper will lead you through the jungles and swamps as you explore the infested waters and ancient ruins, and you should be prepared for some surprises along the way.

While the skippers all follow the same “shtick”, the guides are what make this attraction so much fun, especially the creative ones that throw in a few ad-libs. Even when you’ve heard the same corny jokes a thousand times before, you can’t help but laugh.

 Skipper John Lasseter

 The Jungle Cruise is a replica of the original ride in Disneyland. Uncle Walt had extra real estate and made the new ride longer with more of a story. This version opened with the Magic Kingdom in October of 1971. Most of the ride has been the same through the years, but some changes have been made.

The queue of the Jungle Cruise is heavily themed with period artifacts, tools, gear, photos, and more. It is intended to resemble an outpost where an exploration of the jungle rivers may be booked. It is divided into four main sections, which may be opened or closed in sequence to accommodate crowd fluctuation. The queue was designed to wind about heavily so that guests may see all the different artifacts in the queue. The most notable section of the queue is the office of Albert Awol.

The cruise takes on a whole different feel when ridden in the evening in the dark — this is also a less crowded time to take the ride.

The Disney World Jungle Cruise is one of Uncle Walt’s most creative creations. It is definitely one of the “Not To Be Missed” attractions at the Magic Kingdom.

Rino's run explorers up a tree at the Disney World Jungle Cruise


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