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Disney “Traveling Around The World” – Magic Kingdom’s Adventureland Part 5 – Swiss Family Treehouse


Welcome back “World” travelers! We’ve traveled by boat a couple times and even by magic carpet, but now we’re going to take to the trees as we explore The Swiss Family Treehouse, located in Adventureland. This is not your childhood treehouse, built from leftover scrap lumber. This large treehouse is based on the 1960 live action Disney film, Swiss Family Robinson. The movie was about the Robinson family who were shipwrecked on a deserted island after being chased by pirates. They built the treehouse to survive in the wilderness until they were rescued.

It is a walk through attraction through a giant treehouse, where you will hear and see different scenes from the movie. It was one of the original attractions in Adventureland, and was designed to look exactly like the treehouse in the movie. During your self-guided tour, you’ll climb and explore the areas where the Robinson family ate, slept, and lived. You will see the children’s rooms, the study, and a few clever devices they developed to make their lives better.

  • The tree contains 1400 branches and 330,000 leaves.

  • The treehouse is 60 ft high and 90 ft wide.

  • There are a total of 116 stairs.

  • It takes approximately 10-15 minutes to reach the top.

  • The 60-foot-tall treehouse has been a favorite Adventureland attraction since the Magic Kingdom opening in October 1971.

  • The tree’s structural root system goes into the ground 42 feet below the tree.

  • The moss on the tree is real, but the more than 330,000 polyethylene leaves are not.

  • The tree itself is made from cement and steel.

  • The entire attraction weighs about 200 tons.

 There is large organ which they rescued from the shipwreck that plays the background music as you tour the tree.

Exploring this attraction should be done later in the day, after you have gone on the other more popular attractions. There is usually not a long line for this attraction, but if there is then come back later.

This attraction is not full of action or thrills, but almost every little kid has imagined themselves living in an amazing treehouse at one time or another, and this is the ultimate treehouse that only Disney could make come true!


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