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Disney “Traveling Around The World”-Magic Kingdom’s Liberty Square-Part 3- Hall of Presidents

Welcome back “World” travelers! After our leisurely cruise around the Rivers of America, lets head over to the Hall of Presidents and relive a little piece of our nations great history!

The Hall of Presidents is a theater show featuring film clips and audio-animatronics of all 44 of the United States’ Presidents. The show is patriotic in focus and serves to expound on the hardships and triumphs of the United States through the years. The theater is air-conditioned, comfortable, and seats over 700 people, which makes it a nice and easy attraction to enjoy in the afternoon heat.


The queue area features some impressive artifacts and memorabilia, including a collection of dresses worn by the First Ladies of the United States, George Bush’s inaugural cowboy boots, and the actual eggs from the annual White House Easter egg hunt.


 This dress was worn by Nancy Reagan

The show begins with a film presentation of the history of the United States of America. It shows that the American way was forged through conflict and many long years of struggle. The main idea of the film is that the United States is not free from improvements. It is certain changes that prove necessary over the years. The film also celebrates the liberties of the American people, the United States Constitution, and the progress of America in its early years

At the end of this ‘first part’ of the movie, a spotlight shines on Abraham Lincoln sitting in a chair, alone on the stage.  He rises and proceeds to give the Gettysburg Address. Smooth and flawless in his movements, there is no indication that this is an audio-animatronic on the stage and not a real live, human being. It really is amazing how realistic each President looks! The overall effect will make you feel as if you’ve traveled back in time to when our forefathers were still alive.

After that, Lincoln sits back down and the movie and narrative continues with a focus on the struggles that all Presidents face as they strive to perform a most unenviable job. Images of some of the most recognizable Presidents fill the large tri-paneled screens. Names and faces like FDR, JFK, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush remind us that each President faces his own challenges during his Presidency.

The curtain rises and we see all of the Presidents. They are introduced to the audience one at a time in the order of their Presidency.

Once the introductions are over, George Washington stands and addresses the audience. Our first President is voiced by David Morse who also played George Washington in the HBO mini-series “John Adams”.

President Washington reminds us of the importance of a sacred oath each President must take and uphold. He then introduces President Barack Obama who repeats the Oath of Office and then gives a short speech which was written just for this attraction.



The Hall of Presidents will likely resonate better with adults from the United States rather than kids or guests from abroad. This likely won’t be a child’s favorite attraction, unless they particularly enjoy history class, but it is a thoughtful introduction to the United States and its leaders. The Hall of Presidents is recommended if you’re looking for a break from the hustle and bustle of the park or if you’re a history buff, but if you’re short on time or your kids are particularly active then you may want to skip this. On the other hand, the audio-animatronics are amazing and it is a relaxing, engaging show. And if your kids are starting to get tired and whiney, sitting down in the air-conditioned theater might give them the afternoon rest they’re needing to recharge for the rest of the day. In other words, visit if it sounds appealing and skip if it doesn’t. Don’t be put off if there’s a seemingly large crowd waiting for the next showing, the 700-seat theatre rarely fills to capacity so you should find plenty of seats available.

Like just about everything in Walt Disney World, The Hall of Presidents is designed with excellence and worth experiencing whether or not you’re particularly patriotic. If you are a fan of the presidency, I can’t imagine a better attraction for you to experience.




















































































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