Sep 08

Little Mermaid 3D to be Re-released in Theaters in 2013

I’ll admit, I absolutely love that Walt Disney Pictures has started re-releasing many of their classic animated films in theaters in 3D. Yes, my family and I have already seen all of these  films, either in theaters when they were first released or on DVD. But it’s still such a special experience to sit in a theater and see these fairytale stories on the big screen again. So I am happy to report that Disney has announced the return to that magical world under the sea, with the re-release of The Little Mermaid 3D. The popular animated classic won’t be diving back into theaters until September 13, 2013, but at least we know the date.

Disney first began the re-release trend with the return of the Lion King 3D in 2011, and Beauty and the Beast 3D at the beginning of 2012. And on September 14, less than a week away, Finding Nemo will splash back onto the big screen in 3D. Then on December 19, 2012, everyone’s favorite Monsters will be back on the big screen to scare us in Monsters Inc. 3D. Even if you’ve seen these classic Disney films on DVD, it’s definitely worth the ticket price to revisit these animated classics in 3D, not to mention a great way to enjoy a little quality time with the kids.



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