Sep 23

Disney Magic Makes a Texas-sized Debut

Well as most of you can tell from a number of our recent posts, we’ve been pretty excited about the arrival of the Disney Magic here in Texas. And since Galveston is practically in our backyard, we were up before the sun Saturday morning to make our way to the Port of Galveston to help welcome Mickey and his pals to the Lone Star State.

Goofy, Pluto, and Chip & Dale greet Texans while Disney Cast Members wave Texas flags as the Disney Magic pulls into the Port of Galveston

We assumed that the ship would have some outward salute to the Lone Star State, like the giant bumper sticker it sported earlier in the year when it moved to New York. And Disney did not disappoint its Texas fans when it pulled into port this morning bearing a Texas-sized cowboy hat on the Mickey of one of the ship’s large funnels. As they say, “Everything’s bigger in Texas!”, and that couldn’t have been more true of the 19-foot tall and 14-foot wide Mickey cowboy hat that the Magic sported upon arrival! That’s right, 19 x 14 feet…..the largest cowboy hat that Texans have seen in awhile!

But what’s even more astonishing than the size of Mickey’s stylish hat, is that the hat was actually installed on the ship’s funnel while the ship was at sea, not long before it arrived in Galveston. When the Magic was only a mile away from its arrival in Galveston, Cast Members added the hat to the ship’s funnel, just in time to make its grand entrance! So, how did they manage to get that massive hat on Mickey while at sea? Well there’s really only one way…….with a little Disney “Magic” of course! (Sorry, I just couldn’t resist that one!) But while there’s a little magic in everything Disney puts their minds to, here’s a look at how the talented crew managed this Texas-sized feat:

Disney printed the immense cowboy hat on a polypoplene cover, and engineers created a special frame for the hat which included the shape of the funnel’s Mickey ears. In the above shot of the hat in production, you can see that it includes faux Mickey ears, which gives the illusion that the hat is actually sitting on top of the funnel’s Mickey ears.

Disney riggers bolting the frame into place on the ship’s funnel.

Next came the task of the riggers bolting the frame into place atop the funnel, so the hat could then be placed over the frame and Mickey could show his love for the Lone Star State!

“The city and the Port of Galveston have made the officers and crew members of the Disney Magic feel right at home, and we are so happy to be here,” said Disney Cruise Line Captain Olmer. “With these sailings, families from the central southern U.S. have the opportunity to sail from a port close to their own backyard. While in Galveston, families can enjoy the historic district, beaches, museums and festivals and soak up that famous Southern hospitality.”

 Members of the Ghostriders equestrian drill team from Houston galloped nearby as the ship sailed into port.

I have to say we were a little disappointed when we returned later in the afternoon to watch the Magic set sail on its maiden voyage out of Galveston, and saw that the cowboy hat had already been removed from the ship’s funnel. I loved seeing that enormous cowboy hat atop the ship’s funnel! But hat or no hat, it thrills me to know that Disney’s come to Galveston to share some of that “Magic” with Texans for the next 8 months! And when the Magic moves on to the Mediterranean next summer, Texans will prepare for the Disney Wonder to take its turn in Texas in September 2013.

Disney Magic sets sail on its maiden voyage out of Galveston



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