Sep 23

Disney “Traveling Around The World”-Magic Kingdom’s Fantasyland – Part 6 – Mad Tea Party


Welcome back “World” travelers! I hope you enjoyed your global trip around the world on “it’s a small world”. Now let’s take a trip into the fantasy world of Alice in Wonderland and catch a ride at the Mad Tea Party!

Mad Tea Party is a spinning tea cup ride and one of the original attractions here at the Magic Kingdom. The theme of the ride is inspired by the Unbirthday Party scene in the Disney classic Alice In Wonderland. The ride has become infamous over the years as a result of motion sickness from the spinning component of the ride. So be warned, if spinning is not your thing then you should probably pass on this one.

Mad Tea Party Attraction – Present Day

I will add that the spinning of the ride itself is mild and can be tolerated by most, however in the middle of the teacup is a wheel that you can turn to make it spin even faster. This can make things a little harder on some stomaches so beware of who you ride with.

Mad Tea Party – 1971-1974

Magic Kingdom’s original 1971 version of this attraction, like it’s twin at Disneyland, opened without a roof. The roof was eventually added in 1974 (along with the central teapot) due to Florida’s extreme weather conditions.

The Mad Hatter taking a spin on the teacups with some lucky Disney guests

The Mad Tea Party is a slow loading ride and only accommodates 18 “groups” of people at a time. Thus, the line can grow quite long at times. It is best to go early in the morning, but I have seen the lines short at different times of the day, especially during off-season. There are 18 pastel colored tea cups on a platform. Each teacup can hold from one to five or six (depending on size) people. In the center of the ride, is the tea-pot. If you watch carefully, the mouse pops up out of the pot during the ride. The ride lasts about a minute and a half, and the loading and unloading process can actually take longer than that! Still, it is a fun ride that we always enjoy, and kids really seem to love! And don’t be too surprised if you see Alice or the Mad Hatter stop by to take a spin on the popular ride. They’ve been known to drop in and surprise a lucky little prince or princess by riding in their teacup with them!

So, the next time you’re visiting the magical world of Mickey, drop by and take a spin in those giant teacups! That’s all for now travelers, but don’t unpack you’re bags yet. We’ll be back later this week as we check in at another stop on our trip around the “World”!



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