Oct 14

Disney “Traveling Around The World”- Magic Kingdom’s Tomorrowland – Part 6 – Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor


Welcome back “World” travelers! I hope you enjoyed our journey through space on the thrilling, “Space Mountain”. It probably took a lot out of you, so now would be a good time to take in a little comedy show. Here at the Monster’s Inc Laugh Floor we can help the city of ‘Monstropolis’ power the city with a few laughs.

Monster’s Inc Laugh Floor Outer Queue

This attraction is one of the reasons we love Disney. The cleverness, creativity, and cutting edge technology has made this attraction one of my favorites. We had the honor of attending one of the first shows during the soft openings and have been fans ever since. While each show has the same premise, the change in audience participation keeps each show unique, making guests want to come back for more.

You start out in the outer queue that winds through a room filled with banners about wanting laughs and signs requesting information for guests to text in jokes for the show. The kids will love that one of their jokes may be part of the show. Next you proceed into a holding room where you’ll watch a pre-show video as you wait for the show.

Bulletin Boards in holding area

You’ll be let into the main theater once the previous show has finished. We’ve found that the wait for this attraction has never been very long. When the doors to the theater open, you’re asked to walk all the way across and fill in every seat. So if you don’t want to sit on the far side I would try not to rush in the door first.

The Plot –

This attraction is set after the events of the Disney/Pixar animated film Monsters, Inc. Monstropolis is now running on safe, clean “laugh power,” but even now it still needs more laughs to provide for the needs of the monster world. To that end, Mike Wazowski suggests opening up Monstropolis’ first comedy club. Humans can temporarily enter the monster world via a door that the monsters have placed in Tomorrowland. During their visit, guests will be entertained by Monsters, Inc.’s top comedians, where their laughs will be collected and converted to electricity. Mike Wazowski will serve as your “Monster of Ceremonies”.

This attraction uses digital puppetry technology similar to Epcot’s voice-directed Turtle Talk with Crush. Live actors perform voices behind a large digital screen, while computer-rendered monsters appear with the actors’ voices. If you’ve not had the opportunity to experience this attraction, I will just say that it really seems as if you’re talking to the characters and they’re talking back to you.

The comedy is a bit corny and there are a lot of sight gags, but with the audience participation it really makes for a fun, entertaining show for kids as well as adults. I would rate it as an attraction not to be missed!



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