Oct 21

Disney “Traveling Around The World”- Magic Kingdom’s Tomorrowland – Part 8 – Tomorrowland Speedway


Welcome back “World” travelers! I’m hopeful that you helped get Stitch back to where he belongs. If not he’ll continue to wreak havoc on the Magic Kingdom. As we finish up our travels of Tomorrowland, let’s head over to the Tomorrowland Speedway and see if we can set some speed records and head to the finish line.

Get ready to rev up those engines and put the pedal to the metal, because you’re about to hit the track and burn some rubber. Ok, so maybe not! Despite the fact that these cars only travel at 7 MPH this is a very popular attraction. If you’re looking for an adult thrill ride then you’re in the wrong place. If you are looking for a place to have fun with your young children and make some memories, welcome aboard!

Tomorrowland Speedway is a mini race car ride that travels on a guided enclosed track. There is a metal guide in the middle of the lanes that prevent the cars from leaving the track. The driver does control the speed with a pedal but it is only allowed to go up to a top speed of 7 MPH. There are 146 authentic Autopia Mark VII race cars that travel around a 4/10 mile track.

When you first lay eyes on the speedway, you know it’s going to be a great ride. The sound of those little engines popping along and the smell of burning fuel would make anyone think you were at a race track. If you’re a teenager or an adult thinking this is going to be a great go-kart race you will be disappointed. This attraction is geared for small children, but you get out of it what you put into it. My teenage daughter drove around the track trying to catch her mom who was in front of her, with me sitting beside her egging her own. We all had a blast and have great memories the rest of our lives. The look on the young kids faces that are behind the steering wheel of a car that is going all over the track is priceless. Mom and Dad are usually sitting next to them pushing the accelerator down because the younger kids can’t reach the pedals.

Disney does do a good job of loading and unloading and keeping things moving. However it is still a slow process and the lines can get a bit long at times. The ride itself lasts about 4 minutes and even though there are signs that say no bumping, you can bet that there will be someone bumping you from behind, because this is just a fun thing to do. There are 4 lanes and the course is curvy and well themed. The cars are a bit small and if you’re a tall person like me, it can be a bit of a challenge to fit in the car.

There are some height restrictions on this ride for safety purposes. To be able to drive alone you must be 54″ or taller. You also need to be 32″ inches or taller to ride with an adult.

So, let’s all get ready for the flag to drop and to get those cars moving. Have a great time and I will see you at the finish line. Oh, and don’t forget to grab your driver’s license on the way out!



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