Nov 01

Disney “Traveling Around The World”- Magic Kingdom’s New Fantasyland – Part 2 – Casey Jr. Splash-n-Soak Station


Welcome back “World” travelers! I hope you enjoyed the relaxing ride on the Magic Kingdom Railroad. You are now at the new Fantasyland Station. This is where we will begin our travels of the New Fantasyland. The New Fantasyland is divided into two sections; Storybook Circus, and the Enchanted Forest. Today we will start out touring the Storybook Circus area.

Storybook Circus takes a look back at classic circuses of the 1930’s and 1940’s era, in a land inspired by the Disney animated film Dumbo. Casey Jr., the famous locomotive from the movie, has rolled into town and brought the grand Storybook Circus with him. From the colorful big-top circus tents to the interactive line queues and the animal footprints that pepper the pavement, Storybook Circus offers imaginative touches at every turn.

 New Cast Member Uniforms

As you disembark from Fantasyland Station, you will stumble upon the new Casey Jr. Splash and Soak Station. This is the famous locomotive from the Disney film Dumbo, that has rolled into town and is making a big splash.

Guests will enjoy the refreshment from interactive water features, like Casey Jr., who lets off billows of cooling “steam” and the animals like the monkeys, elephants and camels that spray water.

This is a fantastic place for the kids to play, and a great spot for parents to relax, unwind and enjoy a cool break from the excitement of the park.

While this is not a major attraction, Casey Jr. is very cute and well themed for the kiddos. During the hot months it will provide a great way to cool down and during the cold months it will still make a wonderful photo opportunity.



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