Nov 11

Disney “Traveling Around The World”- Magic Kingdom’s New Fantasyland – Part 4 Dumbo the Flying Elephant

Welcome back “World” travelers! I hope you enjoyed flying around Fantasyland with the Great Goofini! Hopefully you’ve arrived back in one piece. Let’s head down the path and take a look at a new Disney classic. New and Classic together….doesn’t really make sense does it? However if we are talking about Dumbo the Flying Elephant we are talking classic. This attraction has been here since the park opened. And it’s new because it’s been moved, improved and now doubled! That’s right, we now have double Dumbo.

Dumbo before the Expansion

This classic ride has been a favorite to many visitors year after year. It sat behind Cinderella castle spinning and twirling, going up and down since the park opened. Every boy and girl wanted to ride on Dumbo. Because it took a while to load and unload after every group, it almost always had a wait time of at least 30 minutes. And it was all outside, so the lines were long and hot during the summer months.

As part of the new Fantasyland expansion, Dumbo was moved to the Storybook Circus themed area and it not only doubled in size, but the waiting area is now an interactive play area that is all enclosed and away from the elements.

You will feel like you are flying when you get aboard the Dumbo-shaped vehicles of Dumbo, the Flying Elephant. Young and old alike delight in controlling the up-and-down movement of their vehicles with the simple maneuver of a lever.

The Dumbo vehicles, which are richly detailed and vibrantly colored, feature shiny new red and gold colors, and a new water feature circling the base of both attractions, which is a first for Dumbo.The two Dumbo carousels counter-rotate from each other, with one spinning clockwise and the other counter-clockwise. The attraction also features a new soundtrack and artwork panels at the bottom of the carousels that tell the story of Dumbo, like the Prince Charming Regal Carrousel attraction.

The two Dumbo carousels are connected to a new “big top” area, allowing guests to immerse themselves in circus lore in a series of fun, interactive experiences before a spin with their favorite circus elephant.

Guests receive a circus ticket pager that virtually holds your place in line and notifies you when it’s youir turn to board Dumbo. In the meantime, fun-filled games and experiences are yours to enjoy in air-conditioned comfort. Guests electing the FASTPASS option bypass the interactive tent and head straight to their flight with Dumbo.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Guests will enter the standby line and head into the Big Top.
  2. Cast members ask how many are in your party and then will give you a pager.
  3. Your family can then play with all the interactive experiences until it’s your time to ride. Your pager will buzz to let you know when it’s your time to soar with Dumbo.

Disney also made separate play areas for various age groups. In the toddler area, there are animal footprints that you can stomp on to make noises. For older children, there is a climbing play area where you can scale the “burning building” from the Dumbo movie. And for parents, there are plenty of benches where you can grab a few moments rest. There really is something for everyone.

Enjoy your time at the circus!


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