Nov 29

Disney “Traveling Around The World”- Magic Kingdom’s New Fantasyland – Part 6 – The Big Top


Welcome back “World” travelers! We hope you enjoyed meeting all the characters at Pete’s Silly Side Show! Wasn’t that amazing! Before we leave the Storybook Circus section and head into the Enchanted Forest, we need to make a stop at Big Top Souvenirs!

Big Top Souvenirs does retail at a grand scale and in a very fun way. Big Top Souvenirs is located in the large blue tent directly across from Dumbo’s new home. It is the most well themed shopping area inside the Magic Kingdom! Be sure to look up, down and all around and take a look at all the details inside this huge, elaborately themed tent.

Check out the Cast Members new outfits!!

Inside the shop, the circus theme is continued with merchandise shelves themed after circus carts. Even the carpet gets in on the action, looking like part of a canvas tent.

The merchandise ranges from circus snacks to your standard Disney t-shirts and ear hats, but there’s a lot of unique Dumbo-specific merchandise. All around the outside of the tent, one after the other, are circus wagons filled with merchandise and other treats. They’re still on wheels and pressed against each other, as if they’ve just been unloaded from the train.

Between the merchandise wagons are several check out wagons, where you can purchase merchandise or pick up a copy of the Magic Kingdom map and times guide.



In the center of the tent is Big Top Treats. Trust me you can’t miss it!  This is where you will find me while the wife is shopping. Big Top Treats serves up cotton candy, and wonderful caramel corn.

In the confections case, you see a nice assortment of cookies, cupcakes, krispy treats, cake pops, candy apples, brownies, cake pops, fudge, and my personal favorite, chocolate dipped fruit kabobs. Yum! A lot of the items you can watch being made in the show kitchen behind the counter.

So let’s just do a little shopping and fill up on some yummy treats before we head out and continue our travels.



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