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Disney World Dining – Spotlight of the Week – Flame Tree Barbecue


Flame Tree Barbecue is located in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. In my opinion, it is the best counter service meal at the Animal Kingdom. I’m from Texas and was brought up eating great barbecue and the food at Flame Tree Barbecue is top-notch.


The menu is quite simple…..great barbecue! So if you don’t like barbecue, you’ve stepped into the wrong place. The food is the star here, with great taste and good portion sizes, so if you’re not a big eater you might want to share a meal.

The main dishes offered here are the BBQ Pork Sandwich, The 1/2 slab of St Louis Ribs, and the 1/2 Chicken Plate. The combo of chicken and ribs is my favorite. Other choices include a smoked turkey sandwich, a smocked salad or a fruit platter.


BBQ Pork Sandwich



1/2 Slab of St. Louis Ribs


flame tree chicken

 1/2 BBQ Chicken

And what’s a meal without a little dessert? The Flame Tree offers two creamy, tasty choices, a chocolate mousse or Key Lime mousse cup. The chocolate mousse is rich and creamy, and topped off with sweet chocolate syrup. The Key Lime offering is also delicious and an excellent compliment to the barbecue.

flame tree dessert

For beverages, you have the standard sodas, lemonade, hot tea, coffee, and even hot cocoa. For adults, beer and wine are also available.

flame-tree-bbq kids

For the younger group, 9 and under, the menu offers up a choice of a baked chicken drumstick , which is a nice break from the usual chicken fingers or mac and cheese; and a good old American hot dog is also available. Also a chicken sandwich and PB&J are available. All of these picks include grapes, carrot sticks, and your choice of milk, water or apple juice. You can also substitute a cookie or soft drink.

flametree3Ordering at Flame Tree is quite simple. Just walk up to the kiosk, order, pay, and then step to the counter to get your food. Once you’ve received your food you can walk around the corner to find seating.flametree5 flame-tree-barbecue

This may be the best kept secret at the Animal Kingdom…..seating for the Flame Tree Barbecue is all outdoor seating. Some have covered pavilions and some of the seating is out in the open. There are several different terrace levels of seating going in all different directions. Many of them offer beautiful views along the Discovery River, with an awesome view of Everest across the way.

Disnwhiz Disney TipPlease try to keep your party together before looking for a table. The way the seating area is designed, with the multi-level terraces and the way that the seating area winds around, it can be very difficult to find your party if they’ve gone ahead. There is ample seating so stick together until everyone has their food.


Not only do you get to eat good food, but eating outside in an oasis is a huge plus. You will not even think you are in a theme park. The quiet surroundings with the beautiful views and the sounds of nature around you, the Flame Tree Barbecue is one of the best counter service restaurants at Disney World. So stop by and give it a try.

Disney's Animal Kingdom Park (2012-06)

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