Jul 03

Disney World Officially Retires Popular Spectromagic Parade

SpectroMagic - CopyI’m sad to report that Disney has confirmed that the beloved nighttime parade, SpectroMagic has officially been retired. While the popular parade hasn’t been shown in the park in over three years since its last run at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom in June 2010, fans have long hoped that it would be brought back to life in the future. Unfortunately, reports that the majority of the parade’s floats were recently destroyed by Disney, has put an end to those hopes.

SpectroMagic first debuted at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom on October 1, 1991, incorporating elaborate, brightly lit floats, a musical score, narration by Jiminy Cricket and many sound effects. The parade stopped performances on May 21, 1999, and returned to Main Street after two years on April 2, 2001. It’s final performance was on June 5, 2010, replaced once again by the returning Main Street Electrical Parade, which is currently running.

SpectroMagic utilized 948 batteries, over 100 miles of fiber optic strands, and a variety of special lighting effects to bring some of Disney’s most beloved characters to life through the use of spectacularly lit costumes and floats. One of my favorite aspects of this enchanting parade was the opening announcement provided by Jiminy Cricket who says: “Welcome to the Splendor, the spectacle, the sparkling sensation, where the romance, the comedy and the thrill of Disney fantasies come to electric life… And now the Magic Kingdom proudly presents in a million points of musical light, the magical worlds of Disney in SpectroMagic!”

Sadly, those words will never be heard by park guests again. But reportedly, elements and pieces from SpectroMagic’s famous floats were kept for possible use in the future, maybe even making an appearance in the Festival of Fantasy parade coming to the parks in 2014.

So if you never had the chance to see the SpectroMagic parade at Disney World, here’s a video of the full parade as performed during its final year in 2010:


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