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Disney Traveling Around the “World” – Epcot World Showcase – Part 12 – Canada



Welcome back “World” travelers! I hope you had a jolly good time in Great Britain. It’s now time to venture into the Great Outdoors. The Canada pavilion is one of the most beautiful pavilions of the World Showcase. It’s here that you’ll find a canyon, a waterfall, beautiful gardens, a pool with fountains, and totem poles. Add one of the best restaurants at Epcot and you’ve found a real treasure.




O Canada! –  Its name derives from Canada’s national anthem. O’Canada uses Circle-Vision technology that uses nine cameras for nine huge screens that are arranged in a circle. Guests walk into the theater and stand in the center and watch the film being displayed all around them. It showcases many images of Canada’s cities and sights, including Quebec, Ontario, the RCMP Musical Ride, the Calgary Stampede, Vancouver and Vancouver Harbour, the Ottawa River, Niagara Falls, and more. O’Canada was updated in 2007, and the new version of the presentation is narrated by Canadian Martin Short. The song Canada You’ re a Lifetime Journey, at the end of the film, is sung by Canadian American Idol winner Eva Avila. This attraction is a must see for everyone.


The Victoria Gardens – The Victoria Gardens in Epcot’s Canada Pavilion were inspired by the breathtaking Butchart Gardens of British Columbia. It’s one of the prettiest spots in all of Epcot, and maybe in Walt Disney World. It’s set down and back away from the World Showcase promenade, so many people walk right by. We highly encourage everyone to slow down and enjoy this gem of the pavilion. Take a moment and listen to the sounds, take in the scenery, and just enjoy the moment. which are adjacent to the Hotel du Canada. The gardens are the largest of all the Epcot national pavilions.




Le Cellier Steakhouse – While the Canada pavilion only has one restaurant, we consider Le Cellier to be one of the best at Epcot. The interior is themed to give the impression of a wine cellar with simulated stone arches and dark ambient lighting as its name suggests. Food offerings include seafood and steaks, along with popular Canadian wines and beer. It has the best bread service at Walt Disney World. The breads served are pretzel bread sticks, sourdough, and multi-grain bread. It’s served with maple sugar butter and you’ll want to come back just for the pretzel bread sticks! Le Cellier is located in the main building of the pavilion, Hotel du Canada modeled after the Château Laurier hotel in Ottawa. The building is presented to look as if it’s six stories in height, but is really only three. The restaurant was originally a cafeteria-style dining hall. Today’s Le Cellier has changed a lot from the cafeteria days. Today it’s an upscale restaurant that serves wonderful food, but the prices go upscale as well. What used to be a one credit table service meal on the Disney Dining Plan is now a 2 credit Signature meal for both lunch and dinner. That being said, what used to be the best value meal at Epcot now is not. Sadly we will probably not visit here as much as we used to. We may have to just go for an appetizer, and the breads! But if you’ve never dined here, it is definitely worth the price or use of 2 of your dining meal credits!




Northwest Mercantile – sells wilderness themed Christmas ornaments, NHL jerseys and accessories for Canada’s seven teams, a variety of animal plush, maple syrup, and a selection of Canadian wines and ice wines. It’s located in the trading post building, which is designed to look like a traditional West coast native longhouse.

The Wood Cart (located on the promenade) –  sells a variety of wine-themed merchandise, animal plush, flags and other assorted goods. The Cart also features an engraving stand, where guests can have their names engraved onto genuine leather bracelets, cuffs, cell phone strap charms, and Disney character key chains.


We hope you enjoyed Canada as much as we did. This is the last of the Epcot World Showcase pavilions. We always enjoy spending a lot of time here. As we finish up our tour of Epcot, we’ll now set our sites on Disney’s Hollywood Studios. So pack your bags and prepare for a fun journey as we explore some of the great movies and shows that we all know and love! We’ll meet you there next time.


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