Aug 19

Meet Bamboo – A New Character at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

BambooIt’s not often that a brand new character shows up at the Disney parks, but a new living jungle character recently began making appearances at Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom. This new walk-around character is a “living statue” type character made up of bamboo sticks and leaves. But don’t get “Bamboo” confused with the park’s other walk-around “living statue” character, DiVine(the living plant). Both characters are larger than life, surprising guests who often mistake them for part of the lush foliage of the Animal Kingdom habitat.

Guests may be able to spot “Bamboo” in the Africa section of the park near Tamu Tamu Refreshments, while “DiVine” can still be found meeting guests in the Oasis section of Animal Kingdom.

DiVine hanging out in the trees at Disney's Animal Kingdom

DiVine hanging out in the trees at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Check out this video of “Bamboo’s” first day in the park, surprising unsuspecting guests with his larger than life presence:


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