Nov 18

Disney Traveling Around the “World” – Animal Kingdom – Part 4 – Asia



Welcome back “World” travelers! We’re in store for a great tour today! We’re headed to Asia in search of Tigers, Bats, and we might even come across the elusive Yeti!!! Let’s get started.


Today we find ourselves in the village of Anandapur, which means “place of delight” in Sanskrit. During its history, the village was part of a larger kingdom, also called Anandapur, which was ruled by benevolent maharajahs. Since then, the “residents” of the village have devoted much of the outskirts to the conservation and study of the region’s animal life.


Asia opened up in 1999 as an expansion of the Animal Kingdom. The landscape, culture, history, creatures and architecture are derived from some of Asia’s most exotic and intriguing countries. The lush vegetation, crumbling ruins and mysterious temples were borrowed from countries such as Nepal, Mongolia, Indonesia, Cambodia, Thailand and India, to form this cultural melting pot.


It’s important to note that as we explore this area, be sure to pay attention to all the details that went into making this one of the most beautiful areas of Disney World. As the saying goes, “Stop and smell the roses”.




  • Expedition Everest – Your Expedition Everest adventure begins when guests board an old mountain railway destined for Mount Everest. But beware of the elusive Yeti, rumored to inhabit the area! I’ll let your imagination take you on the rest of the ride. Let me just say that it is one of the most thrilling attractions on Disney property. While Mount Everest is the tallest mountain in the world, Everest is also the tallest mountain in Florida. This is one of the most popular attractions here at the Animal KIngdom so plan to make it an early stop to ride or get a FastPass for later. This is one thrill ride that you do not want to miss!



  • Kali River Rapids – Wet? Did you say you wanted to get wet? It will be a miracle if you come off this ride dry. You might even get soaked. When you see the numerous signs that indicate  you WILL get wet, believe them!  The theme of conservation found throughout the Animal Kingdom is also true of this attraction as well. The attraction is based on how the destruction of a rainforest by an outlaw logging company threatens the ecological balance of the area. This raft ride is fun, exciting and if you can stop worrying about getting wet, you will find it beautiful as well. A poncho and some Ziploc bags come in handy to store valuables in. Have fun!



  • Maharajah Jungle Trek – Be sure to take your time traveling through the Royal Forest. Before you enter, be sure to stop at one of the stands near the entrance and pick up a brochure that describes the wildlife found here, and some viewing tips as well. You will be in for a real treat as you begin searching for the Komodo Dragon, the Giant Bats, Asian Tigers, and the Malayan Tapir. This beautifully landscaped area is one of the most stunning areas of the animal Kingdom.


flights of wonder

  • Flights of Wonder – Head over to Asia’s Caravan Stage where the Flights of Wonder are performed several times a day. These 25-minute shows feature more than 20 species of free-flying exotic birds, including Harris hawks, Barbary falcons, macaws, ibis and yellow-naped Amazon parrots. Here you will encounter an incredible demonstration of birds of flight as the birds display their natural behaviors and talents. This is a very entertaining and exciting show and offers you a chance to get off your feet for a while.





  • Yak & Yeti Restaurant – Yak & Yeti is a full service restaurant and quick-service eatery featuring delicious Pan-Asian cuisine. Situated at the base of Mt. Everest in the small town of Anandapur, Yak & Yeti offers great food and good-spirited family fun. Whether you dine in the Yak & Yeti Restaurant or grab something fast from our quick-service selections, you’ll indulge yourself with some of Asia’s most tasty offerings. You’ll find delicacies like Prawn crisps, Seared Miso Salmon and Dim Sum Basket, or old favorites like Sweet and Sour Chicken or Pork.  Prepare to take your taste buds on an amazing journey!





Serka Zong Bazaar – This great little shop is located at the foot of Expedition Everest in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. You exit into it from the Everest ride itself, or you can reach it from outside. The shop features Asian themed gifts and items related to Everest itself. You will find everything here from key chains to clothing. You can also pick up your ride photos from Everest here.



Hope you had your fill of thrills and excitement! Next week we’ll close out the Animal Kingdom with a visit to Camp Minnie and Mickey. We’ll also take a look at what is to come in the next few years. See you then!!!


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