Apr 28

James Cameron Impressed With Disney’s “Avatar Land” Plans

AvatarLandIn a recent “Ask Me Anything” interview with the Reddit community, James Cameron revealed how things were going on the widely anticipated sequels to Avatar, as well as details about the highly anticipated “Avatar Land” coming to Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom.

In response to a question regarding the top-secret Avatar-themed area of the park, Cameron had this response:

“Well, Disney are doing a first-rate job designing it. It’s going to be completely spectacular. It will be like being on Pandora. You will see real floating mountains. It’s going to be a very magical experience just to be there and walk around. And the two rides will be absolute state of the art. But I don’t how much they want to say about what those rides specifically will be, so I probably shouldn’t say anymore than that. But from what I’ve seen so far, it will be amazing. I will be sad it’s in Florida, because I won’t be able to go a lot to it.”

Earlier this year, Disney Imagineer Joe Rohde and Avatar Producer Jon Landau spoke about the “Avatar Land” project coming to the Walt Disney World Resort. “To me, Avatar’s not coming here. Pandora is coming here,” Landau said. “We’re going to give people an opportunity to go to Pandora. That’s what we found when people came out of the movie. … They wanted to go back to Pandora.”

“I do believe it’s probably a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,” Rohde said. “I like to build things. It’s all fine to talk … we’re going to do this, we’re going to do that. Blue sky, and pictures and meetings. I want to build stuff. That is what I’m here to do: Build things.”

And there are signs throughout the park that show that’s exactly what they’re doing, with the presence of construction walls, the closure of Camp Minnie-Mickey, and the relocation of “Festival of the Lion King.” The Avatar-themed land is scheduled to open in 2017.

“From here on out, which is an incredible slog, we are doing it,” Rohde say. “We are going to make this happen. Which is very exciting, really intimidating, but really technically mindboggingly hard to do, but very exciting because we’re going to do it now.”

During Cameron’s Reddit interview he also revealed the progress being made on the scripts for the Avatar film sequels. “The second, third and fourth films all go into production simultaneously,” the director stated. “They’re essentially all in pre-production now because we are designing creatures, settings and characters that span all three films. And we should be finished with all three scripts within the next, I would say, six weeks.”

The release of future Avatar films should only help to increase the interest in the upcoming “Avatar Land” project at Disney World’s Animal Kingdom.

“There’s always pressure, whether it’s a new film or whether it’s a sequel, to entertain and amaze an audience,” Cameron added. “I’ve felt that pressure my entire career, so there’s nothing new there. The biggest pressure I feel right now is cutting out things I love to get the film down to a length that is affordable. There hasn’t been a problem finding new and wonderful things to include in the movie.”

Cameron didn’t reveal anymore details about plans for the new land at Disney World, but we’ll keep you updated as more information is released about this exciting project. 


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