May 11

Check Out This Full Ride POV Of The New Tron Lightcycle Power Run At Shanghai Disneyland

ShanghaiDisney_TronOne of the best parts about visiting a Disney theme park is how it transports you to the world of some of your favorite movies. Whether it’s an animated classic or a galaxy far, far away, Disney knows how to make you feel like you’re right there in the middle of the story. And at their newest park, Shanghai Disneyland, the highly anticipated Tron Lightcycle Power Run attraction is immersing guests in the Grid in a way like never before!

ShanghaiDisney_Tron2 ShanghaiDisney_Tron3Shanghai Disneyland doesn’t officially open until June 16, but they recently launched a 6-week soft opening for select guests and cast members to work out the bugs and get things running smoothly before opening to the public. And that means people are already hopping on the new Tron Lightcycle Power Run roller coaster – and loving it.

But since you might not be headed to Shanghai anytime soon, thanks to the Internet (and Kin bulk), you can virtually ride it right here, right now:

It’s hard to fully appreciate an attraction without actually riding it for yourself, but just from this video we think it looks pretty amazing. Featuring music from Tron: Legacy and plenty of glowing blue lights and special effects, the Tron Lightcycle Power Run blasts guests through twists and turns bringing the Grid to life in Shanghai. Looks like I’ll have to add a trip to Shanghai Disneyland to my bucket list so I can experience this awesome new attraction for myself!

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