May 13

Full Ride Video Of Amazing New Pirates Of The Caribbean Attraction At Shanghai Disney

ShanghaiDisney_PiratesShanghai Disneyland won’t be opening its gates to the public until June 16, but with their 6 week soft opening, select guests and cast members are getting the opportunity to test out the park and its awesome attractions. Treasure Cove, one of the lands in Shanghai Disneyland, features a new version of the classic Pirates of the Caribbean ride.

In the all-new Pirates of the Caribbean: Battle for the Sunken Treasure ride, guests set sail for some seafaring fun that takes you on, over and under the deep blue in search of Davy Jones’ sunken plunder—all while crossing paths with pirates, mermaids and even the savage Kraken.

Landlubbers leave from the Royal Navy’s former fortress and embark on a course that passes through the mysterious Voodoo Alley and Jack’s own secret sanctuary—the Caves of Misfortune—before hitting the briny depths. This is a Pirates of the Caribbean ride like you’ve never seen before and if you’re not headed to Shanghai anytime soon you can check it out for yourself in the video below:

Anyone else ready to pack their bags for Shanghai Disneyland right now? This new Disney park has some truly incredible attractions with technology unlike anything we’ve ever seen!

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