May 31

Tink’s Tuesday Trivia – How Well Do You Know Disney•Pixar’s UP?


TinksTriviaIf there’s one film that always touches our hearts, it’s UP. From the emotional montage at the beginning, to Carl’s blossoming bond with Russell, there’s a lot to love about the film. But how much do you actually know about it? Prepare to test your knowledge with the hardest UP trivia quiz you’ll ever take!

Trivia-Up11. What is the name of the pilot mentioned at the beginning of the movie?

A. Howard Hughes

B. Charles Muntz 

C. The Red Baron

D. Amelia Earhart


Trivia-Up22. What is the title on Carl’s photo album?

A. Carl & Ellie’s Adventures

B. Adventure is Out There

C. My Adventure Book 

D. Carl & Ellie


Trivia-Up33. What color is the first balloon that appears in the film?

A. Yellow

B. Orange

C. Blue 

D. Red


Trivia-Up44. Russell is a Wilderness Explorer from tribe

A. 304

B. 54 

C. 27

D. 113


Trivia-Up55. What is Carl’s job?

A. Pilot

B. Teacher

C. Balloon vendor 

D. Engineer


Trivia-Up66. The bottle cap Carl wears on his lapel reads:

A. Grape Soda 

B. Adventure is out there

C. Adventure

D. Ellie


Up7. What type of bird does Russell think Kevin is?

A. Toucan

B. Rainbow Lory

C. Himalayan Monal Pheasant

D. Snipe 


Trivia-Up88. What do the dogs call Russell?

A. Man-pup

B. Small mailman 

C. Wilderness boy

D. Russell


Trivia-Up99. What has Muntz been looking for all these years?

A. Atlantis

B. El Dorado

C. A Snipe 

D. Lost treasure


Trivia-Up1010. Carl carries his cane in his ______ hand.

A. Right

B. Left 


Trivia-Up1111. Finish Dug’s sentence: “I was hiding under your porch because__________.”

A. Squirrel!

B. I love you 

C. I was scared

D. I didn’t want the other dogs to find me


Trivia-Up1212. What is the title of Muntz’s aircraft?

A. Spirit of Adventure 

B. Spirit of Paradise

C. Spirit of America

D. Spirit of the Wild


Trivia-Up1313. Carl’s house sits in the middle of a

A. Forest

B. Suburban neighborhood

C. Construction site 

D. Jungle


Trivia-Up1414. Why does Kevin want to leave Carl, Russell, and Dug?

A. To hunt for food

B. She doesn’t like them

C. To be with her babies 

D. To fly south for the winter


Trivia-Up1515. What is Ellie doing when Carl first meets her?

A. Pretending to fly an aircraft 

B. Watching a film about Charles Muntz

C. Playing in the park

D. Drinking grape soda


Trivia-Up1616. How many badges does Russell need in order to become a Senior Wilderness Explorer?

A. 1 

B. 3

C. 2

D. 5


Trivia-Up1717. How do Carl and Russell plan on getting the house the rest of the way to Paradise Falls?

A. Attach it to Muntz’s aircraft

B. Attach it to themselves and walk it there 

C. Attach more balloons

D. Convince a big friendly giant to carry it there


Trivia-Up1818. Dug asks Kevin to be his:

A. Girlfriend

B. Best friend

C. Mommy

D. Prisoner 


Trivia-Up1919. Who is the leader of the dog pack?

A. Dug

B. Kevin

C. Alpha 

D. Desoto


Trivia-Up2020. Young Ellie is actually voiced by __________’s daughter.

A. Pete Docter 

B. John Lasseter

C. Christopher Plummer

D. Bob Peterson


QuestionMark-TinkSo how did you do? Be sure to check back tomorrow for the correct answers!!!

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