Jun 29

Tink’s Tuesday Trivia – Disney Animated Classics – Answers


TinksTriviaIt’s time to put your Disney Animated Classics knowledge to the test! This quiz is a true match for your level of Disney Animated Classics fandom, so let’s see how you do……

Trivia-AnimatedFilms1. The hummingbird in Pocahontas is named:

A. Buzz

B. Zing

C. Flit

D. Dash

Answer: C. Flit


Trivia-AnimatedFilms22. All of these films won Oscars for Best Original Score and Best Original Song except:

A. The Little Mermaid

B. Beauty and the Beast

C. Tarzan  

D. Pocahontas

Answer: C. Tarzan


Trivia-AnimatedFilms33. Which city does Stitch build in Lilo’s room?

A. Chicago

B. San Francisco  

C. Hong Kong

D. New York

Answer: B. San Francisco


Trivia-AnimatedFilms64. What is Bambi’s first word?

A. Bird  

B. Hello

C. Me

D. Sky

Answer: A. Bird


Trivia-AnimatedFilms45. Who is not one of Quasimodo’s gargoyle pals?

A. Victor

B. Hugo

C. Laverne

D. Pierre 

Answer: D. Pierre


Trivia-AnimatedFilms56. The name Rafiki is based on a Swahili word that means:

A. Mentor

B. Friend 

C. Wise one

D. Mystic

Answer: B. Friend


Disney_MoviesWe hope you enjoyed this week’s Disney animated classics trivia! Be sure to check back next week for more Tink’s Tuesday Trivia!!!

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