May 14

Happy Mother’s Day – Celebrating Disney Movie Moms

Today is a day that millions of people around the world take time to  celebrate our amazing and wonderful moms. So what better time to honor some of the brave and admirable moms from some of our favorite Disney movies? While researching the moms from so many Disney movies over the years, I found a lot of negative stories and comments pertaining to the fact that so many Disney movies have no motherly characters or instead have an evil stepmother in their place.

Some people believe that Walt must have had an awful childhood, because of the lack of traditional motherly characters in Disney films. It’s true that many of the heroes and heroines of Disney movies come from unstable family backgrounds, having either been orphaned or making no mention of their mothers at all. However, it’s important to remember that most Disney movies have been adapted from books and fairytales. There’s just no evidence that Walt had an awful childhood or that Disney is plotting against mothers, because why would they? Ridiculous!

And in many Disney films, there are some amazing moms who go to great lengths to protect their children. Some of those moms play a very brief role in the telling of Disney stories, although their impact is often significant, while other mom characters play a larger role in the care and nurturing of their Disney children. Here’s a look at some of our favorite Disney moms from some of the most beloved Disney/Pixar films:


Perdita – 101 Dalmatians – Perdita was a great mother to 15 lovely puppies. She nurtured them and when they went missing she did everything in her power to find them. She was such a great mother with such protective instincts that she later adopted 86 more. It does not get much better than that!

Mrs Jumbo

Mrs. Jumbo – Dumbo – Mrs. Jumbo is very sweet and caring to her son Dumbo, but when the kids start making fun of him because of his large ears she gets very angry and attacks the kids. The circus ringmaster thinks that she has gone mad and sends her away to solitary confinement. When Dumbo finally becomes famous for his ability to fly, Mrs. Jumbo is released, and she and Dumbo are reunited. Another example of a mother’s protective instincts and unconditional love! Because even though everyone else looks at Dumbo and sees his big ears and how odd he looks, his mother just sees the baby that she loves more than anything else.

kala and tarzan

Kala – Tarzan Kala is a gorilla mother who after suffering the loss of her own baby, killed by a hungry leopard, rescues a human baby boy, Tarzan, from the very same fate. When Kala discovers that Tarzan’s parents have already been killed by the leopard, she decides to care for and raise Tarzan as her own. Kala receives a great deal of disapproval from the other gorillas because Tarzan is so different, but Kala’s motherly instincts drive her to defend and protect Tarzan against any danger and criticism that is directed at him. Her unconditional love provides an unusual upbringing in which Tarzan question his differences from those around him but feels loved in spite of those differences. As a mother, Kala explains that they are the same because their hearts are the same. That underlying message that the love we have for each other is what binds us together, rather than the outwardly appearance is what makes Kala such an excellent mother.


Helen Parr / Elasticgirl – The Incredibles What a great mom of some hard to handle kids! They had her stretched in all directions! Even though she knew her children had ‘incredible’ abilities, she nurtured them while still raising them to use their powers to become great superheroes and to help others.


Queen Elinor – Brave What a challenge the queen had…..raising the strong- willed Princess Merida, who had no desire to be princess. Even with a stubborn and sometimes defiant teenage daughter, as well as three energetic triplet toddlers to deal with, Queen Elinor handled every situation with grace and love. After all, how many moms do you know that would forgive their child for turning them into a bear? Now that’s unconditional love!

These are just a handful of the amazing examples of Disney Mothers. There are many more Disney mom’s who have fought to protect the children and families that they’ve devoted their lives to. Take a look at the clip below honoring so many of the brave and loving Disney mothers from Disney films:

Be sure to take time today to honor your mom. Happy Mother’s Day!

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