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Magic Kingdom

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 Magic Kingdom

Disney World Magic Kingdom Park is the most visited of all the theme parks at Disney World. In 2010, the park hosted approximately 17.0 million visitors, making it the most visited theme park in the world.

The Magic Kingdom is designed in the hub and spoke layout. Cinderella’s Castle is the central icon and the hub is located just in front of the castle. The six themed areas all fan out from this central hub. The six areas are Main Street USA, Adventureland, Frontierland, Liberty Square, Fantasyland, and Tomorrowland.  Fantasyland is undergoing a huge expansion that will take over the space of the now closed seventh area that was called Mickey’s Toon Town Fair.

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Main Street USA

After you pass through the entrance gates of the Magic Kingdom, you can enter the park on either side. You will pass through a tunnel which is under the Walt Disney Railroad Station. As you emerge from the tunnels you will exit into Town Square. To the left of Town Square is City Hall, the Fire Station, and Harmony Barber Shop. To the right is the Town Square Theatre.

                                                                                                       Town Square

  • City Hall – This is home of Guests Relations. You can get park maps here, make dining reservations, and get a special button to wear for events such as birthdays, anniversaries, first visit, etc. These are all free of charge.
  • Engine Co. 71 – Firehouse Gift Station – Not a working fire station but gifts are available here. There are also fire house antiques located inside. The 71 comes from the year the park opened, October 1, 1971.
  • Harmony Barber Shop – This is a working barber shop and if you have your child’s first haircut here you will get a complimentary Mickey Ears hat with “First Haircut” stitched on the back and a certificate to remember this magical moment. The First Haircut Experience is $18.00
    Also, from time to time you will hear the Dapper Dan’s Barbershop Quartet performing outside. Take time to stop and listen to this quartet singing in four-part harmony.
  • Town Square Theatre – This is now the Meet and Greet of Mickey, Minnie and the Disney Princesses. Since the closing of Mickey’s ToonTown Fair to make space available for the Fantasyland expansion, the characters have been moved here. It also houses the Disney Camera Center where you can buy film, cameras, frames, etc. You will also find the PhotoPass headquarters here where you can view and order prints of your PhotoPass pictures.
  • Walt Disney World Railroad – Climb the stairs to enter the Walt Disney World Railroad. This is the main stop for the 20 minute ride around the park.  It also has a stop back in Frontierland. The Toontown stop is now closed during the Fantasyland expansion. It’s scheduled to open early in 2012 as the Fantasyland station.
  • Characters – Town Square is also home to many characters throughout the day. You will see various characters scattered around the day taking photographs and signing autographs.
  • Tony’s Town Square Restaurant – A Full-Service restaurant serving Italian food.  As the story goes, this restaurant is where Lady and Tramp enjoyed their spaghetti and meatball dinner. It’s decorated with scenes from the movie. Reservations suggested!


Main Street USA

As you turn the corner from Town Square, you look down Main Street and see Cinderella’s Castle at the end of the street. We always stop and stare in awe of this magnificent structure, and of course take pictures. Many guests are in a rush to head down Main Street to head to an attraction and do not stop to enjoy the many things available here. Here’s a list of what you may find down Main Street USA:

  •  Shopping – There is no shortage of shopping along Main Street. You’ll find souvenir shops, clothing, art, crystal, and jewelry shops located on both sides of the street.
  • Transportation – Most guests find themselves walking down Main Street, however if you’re adventurous there are alternative means of travel. Try traveling on Horse-drawn Trolley, or a Vintage Fire Truck. How about a horseless carriage or even an Omnibus. These are the One Way Transportation vehicles of the Main Street Transportation Company. They may not be the quickest rise from one end of Main Street to the other, but it will be another wonderful memory in your vacation





  • Main Street Confectionery – Candy lovers beware! This place is packed full of chocolates, cookies, fudge, lollipops, and cotton candy. How about some home-made candied apples, peanut brittle or Mickey shaped rice crispy treats. Perfect place to indulge that sweet tooth!
  • Main Street Bakery – One of the best bakeries at Disney World. Great place to grab a quick breakfast, lunch, or snack during the day or on the way out of the park. Breakfast sandwiches in the morning, cold sandwiches for lunch plus a variety of cupcakes, cakes, danish, cookies, croissants, brownies or cinnamon buns. Great stop for that latte, cappuccino or espresso you’ve been craving. It’s worth the stop!
  • Plaza Ice Cream Parlor – Looking for a scoop of ice cream before the parade, or maybe an ice cream float (Cola or Root Beer) on a hot summer day?  I suggest the Famous Plaza Sundae! Vanilla bean ice cream covered in hot fudge, whipped cream, and cherries and served in a big ol’ waffle bowl. Who needs dinner! Warning: it can get crowded.
  • Casey’s Corner – Just across the street from the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor, Casey’s Corner is a perfect place for a quick-lunch or dinner. They offer several varieties of hot dogs, along with chili dogs, corn dog nuggets, and nachos.
  • Plaza Restaurant – This is a full service restaurant at the end of main street serving deli-sandwiches, soup, salads,and burgers. Great location with outside seating, with views of Cinderella’s Castle. Reservations suggested!
  • Crystal Palace Restaurant – Full Service Character Meal – One of our favorite places to eat. Serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Dine with your favorite Winnie the Pooh characters. The Crystal Palace Character Meal features Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore and Piglet. They come around to your table and meet and greet you as you enjoy your meal. The kids will love it! Tip: Make reservations for an early breakfast before the park opens, then you can be in the park before the crowds and enjoy a great buffet breakfast before the park opens. Reservations suggested!

Crystal Palace Restaurant


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Adventureland – As you walk across the bridge into Adventureland you will notice the lush vegetation, tribal masks, conga drums, totem poles and exotic animal statues. This land is themed to resemble the areas of Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, and South America. Walt Disney explains it best:

 “Here is adventure, here is romance, here is mystery.  Tropical rivers flowing silently into the unknown, the unbelievable splendor of exotic flowers, the eerie sounds of the jungle, with eyes that are always watching.  This is Adventureland.”  Walt Disney


    Swiss Family Treehouse

  • Swiss Family Treehouse– This original Disney World attraction is based on the 1960 film Swiss Family Robinson. It’s a replica of the treehouse that the family lived in in the film. This treehouse is 90 ft high and 60 ft wide. It’s man-made construction with 1,400 limbs made out of steel and concrete, and 300,000 leaves made out of plastic. This is an attraction that has 116 steps with no elevator and is not handicap accessible. It’s definitely worth seeing at least once, however it may not be an attraction that you wish to revisit.

The Jungle Cruise

  •  Jungle Cruise – Travel down the famous rivers of Africa, Asia, and South America in Tramp Steamers on the world-famous Jungle Cruise. During your adventure, you will see many scenes of Walt’s True Life adventures.  Elephants, rhinos, hippos, alligators and more will be part of your adventure, but the best part of your excursion will be your tour guide. Yes, it is the same spiel every trip, but if you get a good guide, and there are many, then you will have a great trip. This is surely a don’t miss attraction.

The Magic Carpets of Aladdin

  • The Magic Carpets of Aladdin –  If you and the kids like Dumbo, then you’ll like this one too. Instead of an elephant you get to ride on a magic carpet.  Four can ride at a time and you can make the carpet go up and down as it goes around the magic lamp. It’s a slow loading ride and if you’re short on time I would skip this one.  It is a fun ride to go on with the family.  Warning! Be aware of spitting camels in the area!

The Enchanted Tiki Room

  • The Enchanted Tiki Room – Featuring over 150 audio-animatronic singing birds, flowers, drummers, and totem poles. I feel that this is one of the most creative and fun attractions in Adventureland. Not considered a “do not miss” attraction by most, I can say that I always enjoy seeing this attraction. If nothing else, it makes a great cooling off spot on a hot summer day. A fun show that most kids will like.


Pirates of the Caribbean

  • Pirates of the Caribbean –  This is a “Do Not Miss” attraction. If you’ve seen the movies, this is what they’re based on. This attraction takes you on a boat ride to the fun and exciting pirate-filled waters and villages of the Caribbean.  The audio-animatronics and the music make this attraction great for all ages. If you look close enough, you might even get a glimpse of Captain Jack Sparrow.

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Frontierland – Take a  walk through the Old West, complete with banjo music, saloon, and shootin’ gallery. This old western town is a great place to take a stroll or grab a bite to eat. It’s also home to some of the best attractions at the Magic Kingdom park.



Country Bear Jamboree

  •  Country Bear Jamboree–  Come join us at Grizzly Hall for the Country Bear Jamboree. This theatre-style attraction features a cast of audio-animatronics characters. Join the star-studded cast of 18 bears, a racoon, a buffalo, a stag, and a moose singing great ol’ country music. This 16 minute show is great fun for the whole family and a great place to take a cool pit-stop on a hot day.
Splash Mountain
  •  Splash Mountain –  What amusement park experience would be complete without a good ol’ fashion log flume ride? Well this is no ordinary log flume ride. This is a log flume ride Disney style. Follow along with the characters of  Brer Rabbit, Brer Fox, and Brer Bear from the 1946 classic movie Song of the South. You’ll travel through caves, bayous and swamps, enjoying over 100 audio-animatronics while listening to the music of “Zip A Dee Doo Dah”. You’ll experience several minor drops until the final 52 ft plunge into the briar patch. This is definitely a “Do Not Miss” attraction and is one of our all time favorites. You may encounter a little wetness, but it’s well worth it. You will be ready to go again!
Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
  • Big Thunder Mountain Railroad –  Themed as and Old West runaway mine train, this roller coaster takes you through the southwest desert canyons found in Arizona’s Monument Valley. Through caves, grottos, and under waterfalls, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad provides enough twists and turns,  to provide enough thrill without having loops or serious drops. There are 20 audio-animatronic figures to enhance the theme. It’s considered a mild coaster by today’s standard, but it’s still a classic that is “not to be missed”.
Tom Sawyer’s Island
  • Tom Sawyer’s Island –  Next to Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and across the Rivers of America is Tom Sawyer’s Island. Its only access is by a motorized raft. The island is basically a giant playground for kids. The island is home to a fort, mines, caves, a water wheel, a rope bridge, and a barrel bridge. Let the kids go exploring, while the adults sit and relax in the rocking chairs watching the hustle and bustle across the Rivers of America. Catch a glimpse of the Liberty Bell Riverboat as she sails by. A fun place and great experience for all ages. Fun Fact:  If you find one of the hidden paintbrushes on the island, take it to a cast member and they will exchange it for a Fast Pass to Splash Mountain or Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. They hide 5 to 7 paintbrushes every morning so get there early. Once they’re gone the game is over.
Frontierland Station
  • Walt Disney World Railroad – This is one of the stops for the Walt Disney World Railroad. This is the Frontierland station and is located by Splash Mountain.

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Liberty Square

Welcome to Colonial America. The buildings here are reminiscent of those in Williamsburg, Virginia. It’s also here that you will see a replica of the Liberty Bell in Pennsylvania. For the countries bicentennial celebration, 50 replicas of the Liberty Bell were made, one for each of the 50 states. Since Pennsylvania already had the original Liberty Bell, Disney asked if they could have the replica to display in Liberty Square. They agreed and now Florida is the only state to have 2 Liberty Bells. Make sure you get a picture of the family in the wooden pillory (stocks) over by the Liberty Belle Riverboat.


Liberty Bell Riverboat

  • Liberty Bell Riverboat – Come on board for a cruise down the Rivers of America. This 17 minute ride takes you around Tom Sawyer Island on an authentic steam-powered paddlewheel riverboat. Great way to relax during the day.


The Haunted Mansion

  • The Haunted Mansion – This 18th century gothic mansion is home to the “999 happy haunts where there is always room for one more”.  There’s a new interactive queue area to enjoy before you enter the mansion itself. When the door opens, you’ll be greeted by the butler who will guide you to the library or stretch room. You’ll then be loaded into the Omnimover system known as “Doom Buggies” where you travel thru the rooms of the mansion. Not seriously frightening, but some children may be a bit reluctant to visit.  Another favorite attraction that’s considered “Not To Be Missed!” Great Fun!


Hall of Presidents

  •  The Hall of Presidents – The building resembles Philadelphia’s Independence Hall. Inside there are artifacts from the past presidents in the waiting area. You’ll then move into the 700 seat theater where you will view the multi-media stage presentation. All 43 United States Presidents are featured as audio-animatronic figures. The show celebrates the American people, the Constitution, and the struggles and progress of America during its early years. Speeches by Abraham Lincoln, George Washington and Barack Obama are featured during this 23 minute show. While extremely entertaining for adults, children may find this attraction a bit boring.  However, it’s a great place to cool off, relax, and enjoy a bit of American history.

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Sitting right behind Cinderella Castle is Fantasyland.  An enchanting world of make-believe and fantasy where dreams can come true. Walt Disney put it like this:

“Here is the world of imagination, hopes and dreams. In this timeless
land of enchantment, the age of chivalry, magic, and make-believe are
reborn, and fairy tales come true. Fantasyland is dedicated to the young
at heart, to those who believe that when you wish upon a star, your
dreams come true.” – Walt Disney
Fantasyland is undergoing the largest expansion in the history of Walt Disney Parks. Scheduled to open starting in the fall of 2012, it will be a fantastic new world. See my article on the Fantasyland expansion here for more information:  http://diswhiz.com/fantasyland.Fantasyland is the favorite place for young kids and young kids at heart. It can get extremely crowded, so I suggest going early and use the fastpass attractions to make the most of your time.



  • Prince Charming Regal Carrousel – (formerly Cinderella’s Golden Carrousel) the name was changed to Prince Charming Regal Carrousel to better fit with the changes planned for the Fantasyland expansion. The 90 horse carousel was originally built by The Philadelphia Toboggan Company  in 1917. In 1967, Walt Disney purchased the handmade carousel (and horses) from the Olympic Park in Maplewood, New Jersey. When Disney acquired it, it was refurbished so that no two horses are exactly alike. There are eighteen hand painted scenes that tell the story of Cinderella on the wooden canopy that covers this attraction. This is a 2 minute ride with Disney music playing in the background. Great for all ages.


  • It’s A Small World – Yes it’s true! The song does get stuck in your head all day long….sometimes longer. But it makes you feel good, so go ahead and sing it! “It’s a small world after all…” This attraction is a Disney Classic. You are loaded in boats and travel around different parts of the world. Along the way you’ll encounter almost 300 children from all around the world singing, dancing, and playing. It’s fun, it’s whimsical, and it’s entertaining. Great for all ages and definitely an attraction, Not To Be Missed!


  • Peter Pan’s Flight –  This is one of the most popular attractions in Fantasyland. It’s a unique experience that has no real special effects. You’re loaded into sailing ships that set sail high above land as you head off to visit London, Neverland, Mermaids Lagoon, and Skull Rock. You’ll visit the characters of Peter Pan from high above, and this is what gives the whole attraction its magic. If you’re unable to visit this attraction early, please use a FastPass because the lines get very long. A great attraction for the entire family and another attraction, Not To Be Missed.

  • Mickey’s Philhar Magic – This 12 minute 3D film is one of the best I have ever seen. It takes you on a magical journey thru many of Disney’s best animated films. Very well produced with great 3D effects, scents, and a little water magic. This is shown on a 150 ft screen that makes you feel that you are in the film. Great for the entire family and definitely an attraction that’s Not To Be Missed!


  • The Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh – Join Pooh and friends on this adventure thru the animated world of Winnie the Pooh. Bounce along with Tigger, or mope around with Eeyore as you travel thru the Hundred Acre Woods. This is a fun and colorful attraction that all ages can enjoy. The kids will especially love it! I suggest getting there early or get a FastPass by early afternoon, as this is a very popular ride.


  •  Mad Tea Party – Spin and whirl, go round and round in the giant teacups.  Themed after the story of Alice in Wonderland, this is a fun and whimsical ride. Beware if you tend to get motion sick. The cups have a wheel that you can turn to make the cups spin more. Kids love to get dizzy! Fun for the entire family.

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Welcome to Tomorrowland, “the land that never was”.  It was originally designed to portray Disney’s view of the future. However the future always catches up with you and therefore there’s a need for frequent updating. During the mid 90’s, Disney chose a different path and totally renovated Tomorrowland to take on the look described by the science fiction writers from the 1920’s and 30’s that never came to fruition. It has a great look of neon and lots of shapes and sizes of shiny metal. Several of the best attractions at the Magic Kingdom are located here. Let’s take a look.


Astro Orbiter

  • Astro Orbiter – Spinning high in the sky above Tomorrowland, these space ships give you a great view of the Magic Kingdom. Take an elevator to the upper platform to board these shiny space ships that you control much like Dumbo. It’s a slow loading ride, so be prepared for a long wait if you don’t get to the park early. Great family fun!

Tomorrowland Transit Authority

  • Tomorrowland Transit Authority Peoplemover–  Take a 10 minute elevated tour of Tomorrowland in a magnetically powered car. Along your journey you’ll pass by windows overlooking Space Mountain and Buzz Lightyear’s Ranger Spin attractions. This is a great place to rest and catch your breath while enjoying the sights around you. This is a continuously loading ride and hardly ever has a wait. Great way to take a little break from all the walking, while seeing Tomorrowland from a different persepective!
 Carousel of Progress
  • Carousel of Progress – It’s the oldest Disney-built attraction, not only in the Magic Kingdom, but the entire Walt Disney World Resort. It’s the only attraction in Walt Disney World to have a direct physical tie to Walt Disney. It was built for the 1964 Ney York World’s Fair. After the World’s Fair it was moved to Disneyland, and then in 1975 it was moved to Disney World. This  rotating theater takes guests back in time to the days without electricity. As the theater rotates it continues to take us through the passage of time till present day. It’s a clever use of audio-animatronic people and gadgets. The theme song “It’s a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow,” plays as the theater rotates, and much like the theme song of “It’s a Small World,” it tends to stay in your head all day. A great family attraction and one I never miss.

Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin

  • Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin – Get ready to board your XP-37 Space Cruisers. This omnimover vehicle is a 2 seater that spins around 360º.  It’s equipped with 2 laser cannons that you use to shoot at the “Z” targets of the evil emperor Zurg. The object is to shoot as many targets as you can and build up points that are scored beneath your laser. Different targets are worth different points. This is a great attraction for the old and young alike. I’m always ready to take another spin to try and get a higher score. It’s fun and very colorful!  This is a very popular ride and it’s best to use a Fastpass on this attraction if you can.


Monster’s Inc Laugh Floor

  • Monster’s Inc Laugh Floor – Welcome to Monstropolis’ first comedy club.  Mike Wazowski is your ‘Monster of Ceremonies’ and Monstropolis is now running on safe, clean, “laugh power”.  You, the guest, have entered into the monster world and are on a quest to collect laughs to generate electricity for the city. Mike is convinced that he can fill the laugh meter, but Roz isn’t quite so sure of this plan. The technology is amazing. The theater utilizes digital puppetry technology, similar to Epcot’s voice-directed Turtle Talk with Crush. Live actors perform voices behind a large digital screen, while computer-rendered monsters appear with the actors’ voices. The 400 seat theater is usually packed, but the wait for this attraction is usually not very long. While waiting in the pre-show area you can text in some jokes that might be used in the show. The show is fun and the jokes are corny, but it’s a fun time to be had. Great for all ages.


 Stitch’s Great Escape
  • Stitch’s Great Escape – This story is a prequel to the Lilo & Stitch movie. Stitch finds himself a prisoner of the galactic authorities and is being transferred to a processing facility en route to his final place of incarceration. He manages to escape by employing an efficient though gross trick, knocking out power to the facility in the process. It’s a “theater-in-the-round” experience and can be considered very scary for small children. The pitch-black darkness in the ride was changed to dim lighting, and several scenes were reworked in an attempt to make it less frightening. Even these measures may not have been enough, because Disney raised the height requirement from 35 inches to 38 inches, and finally to 40 inches in an attempt to keep out younger children. The 39-inch Audio-Animatronic Stitch figure, built by Imagineering, reportedly is one of the most complex creations of its size. Stitch is also the first audio-animatronic to spit water. Not considered to be a favorite among most. Give it a try if you have time.
 Space Mountain
  • Space Mountain –  One of the best attractions at Walt Disney World. Still extremely popular after 35+ years. By today’s rollercoaster standards it would be considered mild, however this attraction is unique because it’s housed indoors and inside the ride it’s pitch black. There are no loops or huge downward falls, and it travels less than 30 mph, but it’s theming sets it apart from the others. You’re blasted off in your rocket ship through an adventure into outer space, twisting and turning through the stars to a zippy musical track. Great for thrill lovers! You’ll be ready to ride again and again.  This attraction is extremely popular and usually has very long lines. I suggest using a Fastpass or heading here first thing when the park opens. Not To Be Missed!
 Tomorrowland Speedway
  • Tomorrowland Speedway – If you hear the roaring of engines and the squealing of brakes, then you’re near the Tomorrowland Speedway. Kids and adults both love to strap themselves into the small Indy sports cars and putt around the 4/10 of a mile track at speeds up to 7 miles an hour. Ok, maybe it’s just the kids that love it. Nevertheless, you’ll enjoy being with your kids.  There is a 32 inch height requirement to ride in the cars and a 54 inch height requirement to drive the cars. This is a slow loading ride and the lines are usually long, but the kids will not want to miss it.

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The New Fantasyland


New Fantasyland is touted as the largest expansion in the 41-year history of the Magic Kingdom, doubling the size of original Fantasyland from 10 to 21 acres. On December 6,2012 The New Fantasyland had it Grand Opening! This new section of the Magic Kingdom has one last attraction to be completed before it is completely finished. The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is scheduled early in 2015. The New Fantasyland is divided into two new sections. Storybook Circus and The Enchanted Forest. Let’s take a look at all the attractions and restaurants in these wonderful new areas.





  • Casey Jr. Splash-n-Soak Station – Guests will enjoy the refreshment from interactive water features, like Casey Jr., who lets off billows of cooling “steam” and the animals like the monkeys, elephants and camels that spray water. This is a fantastic place for the kids to play, and a great spot for parents to relax, unwind and enjoy a cool break from the excitement of the park. While this is not a major attraction, Casey Jr. is very cute and well themed for the kiddos. During the hot months it will provide a great way to cool down and during the cold months it will still make a wonderful photo opportunity.

  • The Barnstormer – The Barnstormer featuring The Great Goofini is the only attraction that was from the former “Mickey’s Toon Town Fair”. The original is back in action in Storybook Circus, with a brand new look and new theming as well. Goofy has now taken up a career as a circus stunt pilot as “The Great Goofini”. He now takes you high above the grounds of Storybook Circus on a spiraling stunt plane adventure. This attraction is considered a junior coaster and is great for both the young and the young at heart. The ride is fast and fairly tame, but I have to say that it’s very exciting and entertaining. Just remember that the cars are a bit small and not designed for larger adults.

  • The New “Dumbo the Flying Elephant” – This attraction has been here since the park opened. And it’s new because it’s been moved, improved and now doubled! That’s right, we now have double Dumbo. This classic ride has been a favorite to many visitors year after year. It sat behind Cinderella castle spinning and twirling, going up and down since the park opened. Every boy and girl wanted to ride on Dumbo. Because it took a while to load and unload after every group, it almost always had a wait time of at least 30 minutes. And it was all outside, so the lines were long and hot during the summer months. As part of the new Fantasyland expansion, Dumbo was moved to the Storybook Circus themed area and it not only doubled in size, but the waiting area is now an interactive play area that is all enclosed and away from the elements. It is now Bigger and Better than ever!

  • Pete’s Silly Sideshow – Pete’s Silly Sideshow is a custom-designed character greeting location, created exclusively for Storybook Circus inside the New Fantasyland. You will have the chance to choose a path to meet either Donald Duck and Goofy or Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck. Each character has their own unique role at the circus. Donald is The Astounding Donaldo, the most charming of snake charmers, Goofy is The Great Goofini, super circus stuntman, Daisy Duck plays the role of Madame Daisy Fortuna, a mysterious gypsy fortuneteller, and Minnie Mouse is Minnie Magnifique the “Siren of the Seine,” the Parisian poodle trainer. The meet and greet backgrounds are extremely well-themed, as well as the character outfits. Disney has done a really good job with this meet and greet area, keeping it with the circus theme of this whole section. Meet & Greets are always fun at Disney World. They’re an opportunity to get up close and personal with the characters, pose with them for pictures, and get autographs. And since this new Meet & Greet location is so elaborately themed, it’s an opportunity to get photos with the characters in some unique outfits. Pete’s Silly Slide Show will delight visitors of all ages!

  • Big Top Souvenirs – Big Top Souvenirs does retail at a grand scale and in a very fun way. Big Top Souvenirs is located in the large blue tent directly across from Dumbo’s new home. It is the most well themed shopping area inside the Magic Kingdom! Be sure to look up, down and all around and take a look at all the details inside this huge, elaborately themed tent. In the center of the tent is Big Top Treats. Trust me you can’t miss it!  This is where you will find me while the wife is shopping. Big Top Treats serves up cotton candy, and wonderful caramel corn. So be prepared do a little shopping and fill up on some yummy treats while you are at the Big Top!

enchanted forest

Enchanted Forest

  • Enchanted Tales With Belle –Your adventure begins when you enter Maurice’s cottage, where you see mementos tracing Belle’s childhood, including her favorite books, and lines drawn on one wall showing how fast Belle grew every year.From there you will enter Maurice’s workshop at the back of the cottage. Covering every inch of the floor, walls, and ceiling you’ll find an assortment of odd gadgets that Maurice has been working on. Take a moment to look around, then focus your attention on the mirror on the wall, to the left of the door that you entered from. Soon the room darkens and the mirror begins to sparkle as it turns into a full-size doorway, through which guests enter into a wardrobe room. Inside the room is the Wardrobe and a helper who will choose guests to act out different parts in the story. Once the parts are chosen, everyone walks into the Beast’s library and takes seats. Cast members explain how the play will take place, and with the help of Lumiere everyone will call for Belle. Belle is surprised and thrilled to have guests drop by for a visit. The play is acted out within a few minutes, and all of the actors get a chance to take photos with Belle and receive a small bookmark as a memento. Enchanted Tales with Belle is surely the most elaborate meet-and-greet station in Walt Disney World. For the relative few who get to act in the play, it’s also a chance to interact with Belle in a way that isn’t possible in other character encounters. We also like how Disney “stages” guests in the cottage, workshop and wardrobe rooms – it’s an efficient way to handle the wait in line, and it keeps guests from getting bored. Sure, it can still be a 30-minute wait for a 3-minute play, but it’s the best of its kind in Orlando. Your kids will love it.

little mermaid5


  • Under the Sea ~ Journey of the Little Mermaid – Your journey begins as you head down the path to the shoreline of Prince Eric’s Castle. I’m quite sure that this place is magical! The area features elaborate rock-work and guests first encounter a shipwreck that recalls the film’s opening sequence.






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